How MKN Supports Your Sustainability Goals

With rising energy costs and greater regulatory pressure, sustainability tops the agenda for operators in all sectors. Now MKN, a ceda Platinum Partner, is showcasing its support for dealers and end users with a new sustainability report.

Download now – discover technologies to save costs reduce environmental impact

Make a Lasting Impact for a Better World of Cooking’ has been prepared by experts at MKN to give you a handy guide sustainability in cooking equipment.

It sets out our commitment to sustainable performance across our products, operations and supply chain, including:

  • – How we focus on longevity and innovation to help save resources, reduce CO2 emissions, and avoid waste in catering sectors
  • – Details of key products and technologies including the FlexiChef multi-functional cooking appliance, FlexiCombi and SpaceCombi combi steamers, plus modular and individual ranges
  • – ensure an ethical and responsible approach
  • – Practical recommendations on how to save energy in the kitchen

Do you need inspiration to enhance your sustainability commitment? Don’t delay, download our guide today from