Cater-Bake Launches Scrappage Scheme for Commercial Conveyor Ovens

Cater-Bake, the UK’s leading provider of commercial kitchen equipment, is launching a revolutionary scrappage scheme for conveyor ovens.

The new initiative will provide customers with an easy and convenient way to dispose of their old commercial Conveyor ovens in exchange for money off a new one. Through the scheme, customers can receive a minimum of £500 cashback when they trade in their old oven.

The scrappage scheme is designed to make it easier for customers to upgrade or switch to a different model, cutting out any hassle associated with disposing of an old unit, and provides bonus value on top of already great prices that customers get from buying from Cater-Bake.

There are many reasons why customers may want to replace their current conveyor ovens, such as cost of repairs, energy efficiency, or wanting a bigger(or smaller) and better model. Cater-Bake understands how important it is to have efficient and up-to-date cooking equipment and is making it easier than ever for customers to make the switch. It also benefits the environment by keeping these older, less energy-efficient models out of landfills.

Steven Lilley sales director says “There’s many kitchens out there who are working with old, outdated, inefficient and under performing ovens.
This scrappage scheme can help give owners the confidence to make a positive move for their business. It’s a practical solution to a common solution.”

The scrappage scheme is open to all existing and new Cater-Bake customers. To take advantage of this offer simply get in touch with one of the team to discuss your current model and the requirements of a new model, if eligible, the scrappage scheme will be applied automatically when you purchase the new convection oven from Cater-Bake.

Mark Hutchings, Managing Director says: “Disposing of old ovens is a conundrum for many. People don’t want to scrap their old oven when it may have some value to it, but they also don’t want to have to negotiate timewasters when trying sell to it. We’re offering a minimum on £500 on selected ovens to take them away at no effort to the customer. Out with the old; in with the new – Minimum disruption.”

Cater Bake hold stock of an extensive range of conveyor ovens. This makes the whole process a breeze. And here’s the best part – all Zanolli Conveyor Ovens come with an amazing 3-year warranty, making them the only company worldwide offering this level of coverage. So, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else!

The scrappage scheme is just one example of how Cater-Bake is continuously looking for ways to provide value-added services and solutions to its customers – ensuring they remain at the forefront of the commercial kitchen equipment supply industry in the UK.

Take advantage of Cater-Bake’s revolutionary scrappage scheme by getting in touch with the team on 0151 548 5818 or email