Kendal College

Archer Catering Systems

ACS were approached by Richard from a referral from another company who couldn’t undertake the works due to the nature of what was involved. We attended a site meeting with Richard and he explained what he wanted us to carry out.

This involved taking two large cooking islands out from a college that was closing in Lancashire, these would be stored for a period, with the cooking islands came four electric grills and two combi ovens.

There was another large cooking island that was in position in a kitchen that belonged to the college however was not in use, this was a Promart Eco Chef complete with extraction canopy.

The fourth piece of the jigsaw was a teaching table that was in location within the college building, that would fit alongside the above three units this also housed a wash basin and has a combi oven on top of it.

Existing extraction canopies would need to be turned to suit the new layout.

All building works, electrical works and ceiling works would be by others but would need to be co-ordinated.

Straight away from the works that were being discussed and the nature of bringing four separate cooking islands/suites from other departments, even other colleges into a blank area, bearing in mind that these units had not been measured/built for this area.

This would create the largest challenge as we had a blank piece of paper and we would have to infill some very nice gaps with some very nice equipment.

Client Satisfaction

Both my direct client, Richard Axford, and the rest of the college staff were over the moon by what was delivered not just by ourselves but the whole team of contractors who worked on the project.

The Principal and Director of Kendal College were very happy and I think shared the same thoughts as all of us. They couldn’t quite believe what had been achieved and the full scope of works that had been carried out all on time and within the budget that Richard had been given.

I think it is fair to say that we have gained a customer in Richard and lots of friends in a short period of time working at Kendal College.

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