Cook for Good

Under £100k

C&C Catering Equipment

Robinne Collie Quote:

Mark, Paul and the whole team at C&C were an integral part of the kitchen’s development. C&C Helped the Cook for Good team make key decisions on changes to the spec due to site restrictions and specifics working with Robinne and the design team to create a more site specific list and highlight around equipment requirements.

Mark & Paul also went out to their industry contacts to negotiate incredible deals for the equipment that Cook for Good needed, such as a state-of-the-art oven and a fantastic dishwasher system. This meant that Cook for Good were able to fit their kitchen to an incredibly high spec at far lower prices – something that was mission-critical for them as a social business.

Mark and the fabrication team’s also fabricated a range of stainless-steel items at no cost, including cupboards, shelving, counters and tables, which played a huge part in the transformation of the space into something modern and sleek.

Karen Mattison Quote:

In large part because of Mark and his commitment to our social values and purpose, we have now got a teaching and production kitchen that anyone would be proud of – not just other social enterprises and charities.  Mark ensured that while this was a pro-bono project, we felt at all times like a paying customer.  He listened to our brief, helped explain the technical side of the design, and advocated on our behalf to other suppliers and contractors.  We remain hugely appreciative of Mark and C &C for making our dream of an amazing kitchen in a social housing estate a reality.