Specifi LLC

“Specifi provides the only global, end-to-end solution supporting the foodservice equipment specification process. It includes a complete information repository as well as a comprehensive set of publishing, design, quotation and process/workflow tools. Each Specifi component can be operated as a stand-alone service alongside existing tools or as part of a complete end-to-end kitchen design/specification platform.”

Over 20 years’ experience in the food service Industry meeting the needs of kitchen designers, restaurant planners and food equipment dealers has elevated Specifi to be the premier digital platform for the industry.

The Specifi digital design platform connects cutting edge Food Equipment Manufacturers with the most innovative food service design consultants in the Industry.”

Name Specifi LLC

c/o Torre Eva Center

Via B. Maderna, 7

30174 Mestre (Venice) – Italy

Telephone 0121 295 9359
Email n.banner@specifiglobal.com
Website http://specifiglobal.com/
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