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Established in 1983 by directors, Patrick Bray and Barry Clark, Regale Microwave Ovens Ltdspecialises in the wholesale, distribution and servicing of commercial microwaves ovens. Regale work with a number of the major microwave manufacturers, including Panasonic, Sharp, Merrychef Eikon and, new to the UK commercial market, Daewoo. The company holds the title of Panasonic’s number one UK wholesaler for commercial microwave ovens. 

Over the years, based on its expertise, Regale became aware of a pattern of problems being reported with commercial microwaves. These included ceiling plates burning, base plates cracking and grease penetrating the works because microwaves are virtually impossible to thoroughly clean. Repairs like this are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and so the cost falls on the owner. After years of research and development, the directors of Regale invented the ‘Cavity Protection System’ which is now used by many large brewery groups and high street restaurants in the UK with the already available Panasonic and Sharpmicrowave CavityLiners. With so much interest in the Cavity Protection System and nearly 10,000 commercial microwave units already in use in the UK, Daewoo decided to have one manufactured for its heavy duty range through Regale’s sister companyCavity Protection Systems Ltd.

The full range of cavity liners has worldwide NSF certification because they help keep the cavity of a microwave clean and massively increase the standard of hygiene, making the cleaning of the microwave simple, quick and efficient. Simply remove it from the microwave, clean, for example in a non-caustic dishwasher or pot wash, dry and replace it back in the microwave oven. Very importantly the Cavity Protection System costs less than one average call-out and repair and can save hundreds of pounds over the life of themicrowave oven (which can also be extended by theCavity Liner).

The microwave industry has changed significantly over the years and is without doubt more price competitive than at any time Patrick Bray in the past. Now that many look to the internet to research their options, they can compare prices at a glance and this has driven prices down. However, nothing compares to speaking to the experts – it is too easy to look at the cheapest price and not seek advice, which can result in the wrong oven being purchased. Some buy low wattage microwaves and expect them to cook quickly and have longevity. However, if a microwave is purchased on price alone, then the buyer is likely to be disappointed. Regale and their network of independent dealers spend time understanding the customer’s needs, establishing exactly what type of microwave is required and offering unbiased, expert advice.

NameRegale Microwave Ovens Ltd
Address140 Ordnance Business Park
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Telephone01329 285518
ContactPatrick L Bray
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