Environmental Products & Services Ltd

Environmental Products & Services Ltd.

(EPAS) aims to exceed our customers’ expectations worldwide, with product quality, performance and value for money. We seek to reduce our customers’ operating costs, provide effective solutions, reduce carbon emissions and recycle the harvested waste streams into a renewable source of energy. We invest in innovation and offer sustainable solutions to the problems of fats, oils and grease (FOGs) being discharged from food serviceestablishments (FSEs). We eliminate recurring blockages in drains attributable to FOGs and food waste entrained in effluent from FSEs. We are working to generate both electrical and thermal renewable energy by harvesting FOGs.

Our commitment to providing sustainable solutions is being extended into the conversion and recycling of food waste.

We operate a fully integrated Management System which meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001 and have implemented the Business Excellence Model (EFQM), to facilitate effective quality and environmental management and to deliver continuous improvements in all that we do.

We manufacture an award winning series of products.


Rated from 1 litre to 30 litres of effluent per second, EPAS offers a range of user friendly, fully automated mechanical grease recovery units or grease traps under the GreaseShield brand. GreaseShields separate and remove food solids, fats, oils and greases and are
designed to serve hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, fast food chains, hospitals, prisons, sporting stadia and FSEs. GreaseShields prevent blockages in drains and protect pumping stations whilst significantly reducing the loading on waste water treatment plants. The recurring need to pump greasetraps and refill with clean water is eliminated as is the use of biological agents, enzymes and chemicals.


Eliminate the malodorous problems associated with sediment traps. The FilterShield separates solid contaminants, such as food waste at pre rinse sinks, starch and batter waste from fish & chip premises, coffee grinds and other flushable waste products. It is a low
cost solution for all pot sinks, vegetable, meat and fish preparation sink units, potato rumblers etc.

The Deli and Cater Pro Range

A “plug and play” range of 304 stainless steel sink and preparation units designed for the commercial FSE (Food Service Establishment) markets, combining the essential needs of kitchen sanitary hygiene with drainage protection. These units combine and integrate a range of over 120 variants with the award winning GreaseShield and FilterShield product range, reducing on site electrical and plumbing installation costs and making the job of deep cleaning behind and under stainless steel sink and preparation units so much easier for the FSE. Relocating the integrated units is so easy!


A range of DIY plumbing fittings that permit connections between differing diameter drainage pipes and provides for flexibility and misalignments whilst offering the cost savings associated with not having to call plumbers out.

NameEnvironmental Products & Services Ltd
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Carnbane Industrial Estate
Northern Ireland
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