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Tailor Made Catering Equipment Services Ltd

For 15 years our relationship with this customer, Loungers Ltd, has developed in extraordinary ways. From a single project or two years ago, to a consistent 25 new site, roll-out programme over recent years. 2019 saw this again with a mixture of Cosy Clubs and Lounge sites. Additionally around 20 refurbishments, one in – one outs and makeovers adding to this total. The reason they keep coming back to us is purely due to the excellent service and support we provide.

Our exceptional service, advice, skill, knowledge to this client and their development through this, has resulted in our company installing and refurbishing over 180 kitchens nationwide. This is split over two brands, the Lounges and Cosy Club’s which have different requirements, locations and equipment.

Cosy club recently opened its 29th site of which we have designed, supplied and installed every one.

Loungers want to concentrate on opening restaurants and running their national bar & restaurant business. We allow them to do that by delivering unrivalled customer service and support.

Client Satisfaction

“We all work with catering equipment suppliers who deliver what they have said on time, however what separates Tailor Made from everyone else is not just their ability to deliver on time every time no matter what, but almost without exception whenever there is feedback to be given, Jim and James have already identified as part of their continual drive to exceed expectations and are developing services to reflect this. From recognition of beyond exceptional service and looking at how to make this the standard, to working with the supply chain to improve the products or aftersales support based on our needs. It’s always an efficient and enjoyable experience working with Jim, James and the whole team at Tailor Made which when paired with the above makes for a great customer experience that keeps us coming back.”
– Sam White, Head of Maintenance, Lounge

“Tailor Made that has seen off larger, more senior kitchen install companies in the UK as competitors. Tailor Made have managed to maintain service, price point, quality and efficiency throughout and together with flexibility through the changing needs of our kitchens and as kit advances and trends move on, combined with great follow-up service no matter what the problem, I’m exceptionally pleased that I know the team at Tailor Made well, that they supply Loungers and will continue to do so for the future of our industry leading growth plans.”
– Jake Bishop, Co-Founder, Lounge

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