The Dorchester Bar Kitchen

TAG Catering Equipment UK Ltd

The Dorchester Hotel is a well-known 5 star hotel in Park Lane, London, with a worldwide reputation for luxury and fine dining. The existing bar kitchen could only accommodate a limited food offering

and the client now wanted to refurbish the dilapidated, hot and stressful kitchen, bringing it up to high standards of other recent kitchen installations across the hotel group, with a bigger menu.

Specific parts of the brief included:

  • Provide a more flexible, multipurpose design to create a fully functional, operationally independent kitchen;
  • Include all equipment associated with larger kitchens to offer greater and more varied menu options in the bar, plus accommodate one-off customer requests;
  • On/off flexibility so kitchen can be used as demand requires (late evenings, early mornings as well as usual service);
  • Improve working environment by creating more comfortable space and reducing heat;
  • Provide greater cold refrigeration and freezer capacity;
  • Modern, reliable and heavy-duty equipment to provide long lifespan and reduce maintenance;
  • Reduce cleaning costs and improve hygiene.


  • Very tight timescale of 1-week;
  • Detailed programme of phasing

Client Satisfaction

Andy Churchill, Area Chief Engineer at The Dorchester commented:

“Once again TAG have delivered a great solution, this time for our Bar Kitchen conundrum! It’s such a small space, we weren’t even sure our needs could be met but TAG somehow managed to squeeze
in extra equipment and it feels more spacious! The chefs love it as it’s a lot easier to work in.

“Well done too for turning the project around extremely quickly with a well-executed programme. It’s always on a tight program at The Dorchester, but TAG totally understand what they need to do
and get on with it, which makes it easy for everyone.

“I’d also like to mention the attention to detail and quality, despite its size the same standards of work and design have been applied as if it were a much larger project and it matches the quality of the rest
of our kitchen.”

Henry Brosi, Executive Chef commented:

“TAG have delivered a fantastic kitchen. The previous was difficult and stressful to work in. It never offered us the flexibility to provide a menu that our guests come to expect.

“It’s now a lot cooler, an easier space to work in.

“With the ribbed griddle and pasta boiler in the range plus Rational oven, we’re able to offer a larger, more varied menu that you would expect at The Dorchester, plus the flexibility to operate the kitchen when we need to”.

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