Langley Park Hotel

Court Catering Equipment Ltd

The original brief, dating back to 2007 was to undertake a feasibility investigation into ventilation solutions for a possible catering facility in the somewhat dilapidated, Grade II listed Lodge building on the estate of the Duke of Marlborough recently purchased by Arab Investments. This kitchen was to be located in the basement of the building which had a double-barreled vaulted ceiling giving very limited head height for both the canopies and ductwork. Initial discussions indicated immense logistical challenges which would require innovative solutions.

Plans were mothballed until 2015, after the financial crash, when Court Catering were again asked to submit ventilation plans. At this time the client asked to extend Court’s involvement to include the catering equipment. The brief now was a basement kitchen with flexible, modern and sleek facilities together with ventilation, wall and floor coverings.

On view wine and cigar storage were added together with banquet facilities, wash-up, bars, pantries, room service and staff dining areas. The initial brief also included a chefs fine dining table. Designs had to incorporate the latest technology whilst being sympathetic to the structure of the building and sensitive to its long and illustrious history. Not only had all designs to meet the clients expectations and environmental targets but also required the authorisation of the Conservation Office who were to be closely involved at all stages of the renovation.

Client Satisfaction

Giuseppe Ruo, the Group Food and Beverage Manager said “Simon was a very skilful and helpful man, he was always ready to listen to me and to give the right solution to all my problems. He was an old style action man, he did not like correspondence via email but meeting face to face to resolve things in the fastest way”

Marco Ardemagni, the Executive Head Chef said “I believe the Langley to be a challenging project due to the restraints of the building itself. I consider myself lucky to work in such a functional layout and this had been due to Simon’s creative approach to the project. Simon has always been very helpful and came up with ingenious solutions to many of the points I raised during the time prior to the installation.”

Ron Hankins, DF Keane Builders & Contractors said “I think an award would be well deserved as the end result was excellent.”

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