Grantley Hall

CNG Foodservice Equipment Ltd

In January 2017 CNG were approached by Grantley Hall’s operations consultant, Dan Purnell, to meet and discuss how they would approach the design of the kitchen facilities for this project.

Dan explained that another company had been working on the designs for around 14 months but neither he, nor the client were happy with their designs, proposals or understanding of what was required in a project of this scale and quality. Further that CNG were the GM and the client’s preferred supplier, but first they would need to prepare draft designs, and budget costs for 6 kitchens within 2 weeks, before presenting to one of the Directors and the client’s project management company.

The client brief was to create a series of kitchens across both phases of the project that would supply a number of different food offers, including a fine dining restaurant intended to gain at least one Michelin Star, a Brasserie, Pan Asian restaurant and functions to high level. There would also be breakfast service, room service afternoon teas and a broad spectrum of other food offers including the Wellness Centre.

Energy efficiency and sustainability were very important, for once CNG didn’t need to push the all electric principle, the client had already decided there would be no gas on site. Soon after the designs were developed the client did need to know the overall connected loads to confirm the total power requirements for the entire project before issuing a 7 figure cheque to the electric company for the supply being run 18 miles across country.

Client Satisfaction

The senior team were in place long before completion and as such witnessed each area as it was installed, their feed back, including Shaun Rankin for his restaurant has all been very positive. Everyone appreciates the high standards of equipment and design.

Recently Clive Groom bumped into Andrew MacPherson, the GM, at York railway station, Andrew commented how delighted he was with the project and how CNG had delivered six first class kitchens and eight excellent bars in very trying circumstances. Further he fully understood the huge challenges that CNG had overcome and praised their dedication to keep driving forward.

During the 2019 Relais and Chateaux World Conference in London a new CNG client mentioned that CNG were designing and supplying their new kitchen, Andrew Macpherson assured him “you are in safe and dedicated hands, they’ll do a great job”.

The senior Chefs and the front of house team appreciate the design detail within each area and that everything has been designed to help them deliver great food, wine and service in each location within Grantley Hall.

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