CHR Foodservice Equipment Ltd

From initially meeting with one trader who we’d worked with before, CHR were introduced to Nick Johnson of Market Operations. Having opened 2 similar sites in the Northwest in the previous 5 years and built up a strong team of trades, Nick was keen to find a “kitchen partner” that he could rely on to meet his vision. From there CHR were further introduced to all of the potential traders for Picturedrome and the process of delving into their menu, style of service and requirements from their unit began.

Each trader has a passion for their product. Each trader wants to deliver the best product they can as part of this collective. Each trader wants their share of up to 2500 customers that Nick predicts will come through the doors on a Saturday. So while the individual briefs varied in required equipment, the overall emphasis was on speed of service, flexibility to change the menu and ensuring that the energy requirements were balanced across the site.

From Market Operations point of view, we had to design a potwash area that could cope with the predicted numbers, a harmonised extraction system that allowed for pragmatism within such a vast building whilst maintaining adherence to DW172 as well as ensuring that noise, odours and grease were managed across the site which is so close to local residents. We also had to make sure that fabrication across the entire venue reflected the overall design goals of the building owner.

11 different briefs, 1 collective outcome.

Client Satisfaction

“…. the acid test of any relationship is would I use CHR again? And the answer to that is “Yes”.

“The service CHR provided at quote stage was concise, professional and comprehensive.

“At the build stage CHR worked really well and in partnership with our guys on site.

“On completion, the handover was comprehensive.

“CHR have forged personal and good relationships with all of the kitchens and they with you.

“So – all told, thank you CHR for your role in making Picturedrome what it now is!”

– Nick Johnson, Head Honcho, Market Operations Ltd

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