Morrisons, Canning Town – Market Kitchen Concept

Caterware Limited

The client brief was to study their existing facilities within 400 existing stores and come up with something that would:

  • Combine their Market St Deli and Market St CafĂ© operations into one all encompassing facility;
  • Create a FOH Design to expand their current offer with a host of new, fresh and ‘on trend’ cooking and serving techniques;
  • Must have the look and feel of high end, trendy High St restaurants and deli type take away venues;
  • Design to encourage store visitation and customer experience and encourage larger spend per head, customer Trade Up etc;
  • Design must be sustainable and consistent but able to accept regional adaptation on various locations;
  • Create something never ever seen in a Supermarket environment;
  • All Food was to come from In Store and be cooked In Store;
  • Equipment specified was to enable cooking operations to be standardised, processed and provide consistent quality;
  • All equipment had to be ‘Trainable’ and used by sometimes semi skilled personnel;
  • All equipment had to be ratified by a myriad of Morrisons Depts, from H & S to Sustainability and everything in between;
  • Everything had to comply with the many environmental policies and agreements that Morrisons had signed up and agreed to;
  • We had to sign various NDA’s and couldn’t even discuss the project specifically with other parties and even our suppliers.

Client Satisfaction

See attached Letter of Approval from Client. Plus we have been retained and currently working on further similar developments being tailor made for certain stores nationwide.

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