Lu Ban Restaurant

Vision Commercial Kitchens

Lu Ban is a newly opened restaurant in Liverpool which focuses on Tianjin cooking. It is an elegant and modern venue which offers a unique experience with an exquisite array of dining options including small plates, tasting menus and Tianjin banquets. The project is teamed up with Tianjin Food Group in China, with the mission to educate in terms of Chinese culinary arts. Lu Ban is a commercial restaurant with a training centre integrated into it which offers a Chinese culinary arts programme which students, chefs and the general public can enrol on. Education is also at the heart of the dining experience of the restaurant as there is an element of storytelling throughout the menu, with each dish having it’s own story behind it which relates to the experiences in Tianjin; therefore allowing guests to educate themselves on Tianjin culture whilst dining.

The brief was to design and provide a kitchen, chefs table, bar, dishwash area and ‘food lab’. The kitchen was to be designed in the style of the kitchens in Tianjin, with an open plan feel and was to include specific equipment which came directly from China . The kitchen was also to feature a chef’s table for specialist dining experiences; it was therefore imperative that the kitchen itself was extremely aesthetically pleasing as well as functional as it would be on display. The client had a specific vision of what they wanted the bar to be like and how many stations it would need, as everything was to be authentic looking and reflect the design and style seen in Tianjin.

Client Satisfaction

Our Account Manager for this project has worked with Mike Mounfield (Lu Ban’s Ops Director) for around 17 years and they have worked on numerous projects together as well as recommending us to others. The fact that he has continued to use Vision and given recommendations is testament to a high level of client satisfaction.

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