CK Direct joins ceda as a Silver Partner

CK Direct joins ceda as a Silver Partner

CK Direct Duct & CleaningWe’re proud to announce that CK Direct has joined ceda as a Silver Partner. CK Direct hope to offer ceda members the best in professional kitchen ventilation and extraction solutions designed and manufactured by the Peterborough-based company.

“Since 2002 CK Direct has developed a reputation for innovation, specialist advice and manufacturing excellence when it comes to professional kitchen ventilation and extraction systems. We have seen ceda developing into a leading resource and authority in design, projects and equipment for the foodservice and hospitality sectors and the time is ideal for us to add our reputation in kitchen ventilation and extraction to them and to work closely with member companies. Our client base already includes ceda members, architects, food service consultants and many of the UK’s leading restaurants so connecting directly with more ceda members is great for us,” comments CK Direct managing director Tony Ricciardi.

The CK Direct extraction hoods are designed to the UK’s current DW/172 specification for commercial kitchen ventilation systems from the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) that reflects the latest legislation, cooking techniques and types of professional catering equipment. Offered in 1000, 1200 and 1500mm deep models the extraction hood designs embody CK Direct’s experience in working with foodservice operations across all sectors to provide effective kitchen ventilation.

CK Direct’s continued investment in the latest equipment enables it to design, manufacture and install high quality professional kitchen extraction and ventilation systems at a competitive price with fast turnaround times. The experienced team of designers, fabricators and installation engineers will be on-hand at CK Direct for ceda members and their clients to
deliver just what they need for successful and profitable food service operations.

Find out more about CK Direct by visiting

Synergy Grill announce win, ‘FSAA INNOVATION PRODUCT OF THE YEAR’ 2018

Synergy Grill announce win, ‘FSAA INNOVATION PRODUCT OF THE YEAR’ 2018

ceda Silver Partner Synergy Grill have won an international award!

Chairman and Innovator Justin Cadbury and his British company, Synergy Grill, has again proved export clout by winning an award at Australia’s biggest tradeshow.

Synergy Grill attended the renowned Australian industry event ‘Fine Food Australia 2018’ and took home the top prize of ‘FSAA Innovation Product of the Year’.

The win in Australia comes at a relevant time, as Synergy Grill announced today (13th September 2018), their new strategic plan to export their products to more countries across the globe. This will be supported by global brand activity including the search for more global representatives. Leading Australian distributor, FSM Food Service PTY LTD represents Synergy Grill in Australia and is equally delighted with the prestigious award win.

Synergy Grill’s export strategy will also be bolstered by the product’s unique credentials: all Synergy Grill products are designed, sourced and invented in the UK, they use no fat tray and reduce ventilation strain whilst keeping them cleaner. Developed to create better tasting, healthier foods with low energy usage, Synergy Grill helps save money and the planet. With money saved on energy, Synergy Grill products often pay for themselves within a year allowing restaurants to deliver a better food product at a lower cost base…

Fine Food Australia welcomes over 1,000 exhibiting brands showcasing: general & speciality food, catering equipment, hospitality equipment, bakery, drinks, coffee, tea, dairy, meat & seafood, retail & technology, fit-out & design, packaging, natural, organic & free-from and more!

Congratulations are in order!

Justin Cadbury, Chairman of Synergy Grill, said: “I feel very proud. SYNERGY has received many awards around the globe over the last few years and this is further evidence that this product truly is innovative and fits the global market perfectly. Our sales of these units are gaining momentum as the word spreads.”

Despite personal opinion on Brexit, it is looming – and our industry needs to take advantage of what opportunities lay overseas and within exporting, and there are plenty! I look forward to challenging mainstream attitudes to wasteful energy usage within the food across the globe as well as promoting British technology”.

Gamble Foodservice Solutions introduce the Ultimate Hot Holding Range

Gamble Foodservice Solutions introduce the Ultimate Hot Holding Range

ceda Silver Partner, Gamble Foodservice Solutions have a range of units for all your hot holding requirements such as:

• Heated Holding

• Humidified Holding

• Banquets Cabinets

• Low Temp Cook & Hold Ovens

• Smoker Ovens

Whether it be for banquets, hospitality, catering, health care, restaurants, schools or even stadiums, Gamble Foodservice Solutions have the perfect solution!

Why not meat, eat and learn all about the range?

Sound like something you fancy? Then get in contact on 01509 260150 or drop an email to

Regale Microwave Ovens launch Microsave® CPS3A Cavity Liner

Regale Microwave Ovens launch Microsave® CPS3A Cavity Liner

ceda Silver Partner, Regale Microwave Ovens have just launched a new product.

The new Microsave® CPS3A Cavity liner for the new innovated 1800watt output microwave oven by Panasonic which has a stainless steel outer door, is ideal for front of house as well as very busy kitchens. Using the brand new to commercial microwave ovens INVERTER technology which not only makes the microwave oven 12 kilos lighter than any other high powered microwave oven but also gives a far smoother cook pattern with no cold spots and gives a saving of 6% less on energy costs!

The inner door is made of steel, with no seals or ridges, making it easy to clean and helps to avoid most unnecessary door repairs. The new Microsave® Cavity Liner makes it the ‘ultimate clean machine’ where all parts not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty are protected.

For the launch of the Panasonic NE1878 commercial microwave oven, Regale are giving away the CPS3A Cavity Liner worth £69.00. Regale will unbox the microwave, check it over, place a Microsave® CPS3A inside the cavity with all instructions, correctly re-box the microwave and send out on a free next working day service. This will be a limited offer over the next three months. Attached are the full details.

Synergy Grill become ceda Silver Partner

Synergy Grill become ceda Silver Partner

We are delighted to announce Synergy Grill as a ceda Silver Partner.

The Synergy Grill is the world’s first and only fat atomizing commercial char grill.  Its key attributes lie within its patented design, that reduces fuel consumption on average by 59% (BSI – tested), eliminates the need for a fat tray, therefore offers substantially reduced cleaning costs and has no fat of which to dispose. At the same time, it delivers an enhanced quality of cooked food in terms of taste, succulence and reduced shrinkage. The internationally award-winning grills are to be found in over 700 commercial kitchens in the UK and are increasingly finding a home overseas.  The launch of the new “outdoor mobile cook station” for outdoor events has been very well received this summer and is an example of Synergy’s continual search to innovate and provide world leading products into the market.

As a world-leading technology in its niche market Synergy Grill are looking forward to working with ceda and its members to stimulate industry interest in their products still further, especially with those industry players that that ceda represents where quality of products, delivery and service are paramount.

Synergy Grill Chairman, Justin Cadbury, said,“We are proud to win this appointment with ceda and will continue to bring the innovation grill technology to our colleagues in the industry for which we are recognised. We believe that the challenges of rising costs for the restaurant owners and more discerning diners combine so we can give the key specifiers the products and technology more suited to the future.”

Find out more about Synergy Grill by visiting

LF releases two new coffee catalogues

LF releases two new coffee catalogues

ceda Silver Partner, LF Spare Parts, widens it’s offering of spare parts and accessories for baristas and releases two new catalogues.

The LF offering of spare parts for coffee machines and barista tools continues to expand year after year, now reaching 20,000 items which are always available from stock.

All these articles are at your disposal and can be found on the LF Webshop and in the “LF Group” app for smartphone and tablets. Here you can view technical data, 360° pictures, the available quantity, compatibility, manufacturer’s code and price.

To present the most innovative accessories for baristas and a selection of the most requested parts in the market, LF has recently released two new catalogues: “Barista Tools 2018” and “Top Sellers Coffee Machines 2018”.

The digital version of the catalogues are available on Found in the CATALOGUES menu, you can add selected items directly to the shopping cart.

In addition if you wish to view all LF has to offer in the coffee sector, with all the manufacturer’s codes and exploded drawings, the “Spare Parts for Coffee Machines” catalogue is also available.

LF is not only digital: to meet customers and present the latest news LF exhibits every year at several exhibitions all over the world. The next events are PIR in Moscow, Russia (24-27 September), Coteca in Hamburg, Germany (10-12 October) and Triestespresso in Trieste, Italy (25-27 October).

We look forward to working with you.

For further informationplease email

Boss Contract Furniture Ltd 'Distinction' brochure

Boss Contract Furniture Ltd 'Distinction' brochure


ceda Silver Partner Boss Contract Furniture Ltd are delighted to launch the new Distinction Collection, offering a range of contemporary style chairs.

The collection enjoys a minimalistic design manufactured to the highest level. With extensive frame finishes available, Boss can also offer a customer own material option.

Click on the brochure cover opposite the view the brochure or click the link below to download.

Please contact Jon Urquhart at Boss on 07834 456 812 for any further details.


ceda Silver Partner Boss Contract Furniture Ltd 'Distinction Collection' brochure

Blue Seal Pizza Solutions

Blue Seal Pizza Solutions

ceda Silver Partner Blue Seal Ltd present the 83O/DS-M Electric Pizza Oven


  • Analogue temperature gauge
  • Top element control
  • Base element control
  • Neon indicators
  • On/Off switch


  • Up to four 12″ pizza capacity per deck
  • Temperature adjustment through electromechanical thermostats
  • Independent control for ceiling and base elements
  • Stainless steel front and door
  • Max baking temperature 400°C
  • Temperature display through analogical pyrometer
  • Baking chamber in aluminated plate
  • External chimney
  • Stainless steel ergonomic handle
  • Baking surface, refractory stone
  • Door glass made of pyroceram
  • Internal lighting with halogen lamp
  • Insulation made of eco-compatible fibro ceramic and needle rock wool
  • Safety thermostat with manual resetting
  • All models can be optionally equipped with open stand

8.8KW 230V Single Phase Supply

Net Weight:

Internal – 630mm W x 630mm D x 150MM H per deck
External – 950mm W x 950mm D x 730mm H

Foster Marks 50 Years of Reliable Refrigeration with Search for Longest Standing Fridge

Foster Marks 50 Years of Reliable Refrigeration with Search for Longest Standing Fridge

ceda Silver Partner, Foster Refrigerator, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and is calling on customers to get involved by sharing stories of their experiences with Foster product over the last half century.

The King’s Lynn-based company wants to hear from its many loyal customers and is on the hunt for the UK’s longest-standing Foster product in a commercial kitchen.

Foster Refrigerator products are designed to be high quality, reliable pieces of equipment that can stand the test of time in any high pressure commercial kitchen, and have been doing so since the company started in 1968.

The customer who has the longest-serving Foster product in their kitchen will be able to join in the celebrations with a brand new EcoPro G2 EP700H worth a list price of £2,500 or an equivalent product of the same value.

Nick Bamber, European Head of Marketing at Foster Refrigerator says: “We say that our fridges last a lifetime with regular care and maintenance and so to mark 50 years of manufacturing we decided to put this to the test.

“We’re regularly with customers in their kitchens, and it never ceases to amaze us how many Foster fridges are still fully operational and going strong after many years – we know there is a fridge out
there that’s 26-years-old and going strong! Our products have a reputation for being reliable, so we know there will be products that are older still.”

Dealers who are aware of longstanding Foster products can encourage owners to enter the competition. If the winning owner includes the dealer name in their entry, the dealer will receive £250 off their next order.

The competition closes on 1st October 2018. To learn more about the competition and to enter visit

New online shop for Classeq spares

New online shop for Classeq spares

ceda Member, Barcare Supreme Ltd, have recently launched a new web site

All our spares are genuine Classeq parts at genuine Classeq prices

We’d like to introduce you to the NEW Barcare Classeq Spares website, your online shop for Classeq spare parts. Also to welcome you we’re offering you a massive 30% discount until 31st August 2018.

The site has been designed to be used quickly & simply by warewashing engineers while they are on site. For each machine you’ll find detailed component diagrams complete with clearly labelled part numbers, price listings and the ability to order the parts you need directly online for next day delivery.

There is also the option of opening a trade account which includes a 30% discount on every order as standard.

We stock all the parts you’ll need to repair and service the full range of Classeq machines.