ceda Silver Partner Novameta – Fabricators of Bespoke Stainless Steel Equipment


Novameta are the largest and most advanced manufacturer of stainless steel commercial kitchen
equipment in Baltic and Scandinavian countries; Northern Europe. Extensive market experience,
attention to detail along with an innovative forward-thinking mindset are the key factors which have
enabled Novameta to establish dealer trust and support in 18 countries across Europe.

Novameta manufacture a wide range of hot, cold, neutral and refrigerated standard equipment.
Non-standard, Bespoke equipment is Novameta’s speciality, all precisely engineered and crafted
combined with short, typically 2-5 weeks lead time, this making Novameta stand out from the
crowd. Our experienced project management team provide professional support and technical
advice throughout the whole process enabling dealers to turn their client’s concepts and ideas into
tailor-made turnkey solutions.

Novameta only sell though professional dealer partners throughout Europe and are proud to provide
full assistance to partners, helping them to excel in their area of specialism by doing what they do
best – client liaison to installation and aftersales service to fulfil of their client’s needs.

Novameta’s main objective is to maintain solid position in Europe through sustaining strong
relationships with our trusted partners whilst at the same time expanding and developing into new
territories across the globe.

An experienced and ambitious sales team, in-house CAD designers using the latest 3D CAD software,
production staff using some of the latest production technologies and equipment and a LEAN quality
management system based on ISO 9001:2000 standard, have determined the rapid expansion and
growth of our sales markets and therefore the very quick growth of the company over the past few

Novameta currently employs over 170 skilled employees in the business. (Feb 2018) The factory
production area covers > 5000 m². and incorporates some state of the art equipment; 25mtr auto
sheet feed laser cutter, automated panel bender, robotic bender and other smaller automated items
to assist with efficiency and lean production.

Novameta manufacture greater than 180 different items every day and produces more than 1500
complete dealer projects every year!

Please visit the Novameta website www.novameta.co.uk to view their modern factory from the comfort of
your own office environment.

Aqua Cure Renew ceda Membership for 2018

Aqua Cure are delighted to have renewed their membership of ceda as a Silver Partner and are looking forward to contributing to the membership's combined industry expertise.

As dedicated water purity experts Aqua Cure have over 25 years’ experience in water treatment and can help prevent scale related inefficiency and maintenance issues in coffee machines, ice machines, convection/combi ovens, warewashers and water boilers.

Whatever the nature of your business, whether food, hot/cold drinks etc, the quality of the water going into your equipment has a huge effect on the quality of your end product and your running costs. Deposits of hard minerals such as calcium can build up inside your equipment in the form of limescale and this can block internal waterways and affect the efficiency of heating elements and evaporator plates. In fact, British Water estimate that just 1.6mm of scale can cause a 12% loss in heat transfer.

Limescale is very difficult to remove once it has formed and preventing scale by treating your feed water is often a lot easier and more cost effective than using corrosive liquid descalers.

With a wide range of ‘whole kitchen’ treatment solutions from Pentair Everpure and BanHard, Aqua Cure have solutions to suit all budgets, flow rates and water types.

For further information and to see what Aqua Cure can do for you in terms of saving you money and preventing equipment down-time in your commercial kitchen call 01704 516916 or visit www.aquacure.co.uk.

ceda Silver Partner LF Spare Parts Ltd achieve safety and environment certifications

ceda are pleased to share the news that Silver Partner LF Spare Parts Ltd have received two TÜV certificates.

The attention to quality at every level of its organization has led LF to achieve two important new certifications.

In addition to the reconfirming the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management System Certification and the EAC - Eurasian Conformity Certification, which allows LF to sell in EAC member countries (Russian Federation included), LF has recently achieved:

The BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certification for the Management of workers' health and safety. This was awarded thanks to responsible risk control and to LF's commitment to constantly increase health and safety in the workplace, in order to protect staff from possible dangers.

The UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System certification, which attests the company's commitment to protecting the environment, preventing pollution, reducing the waste quantity and the consumption of energy and materials.

The achievement of the new certifications represents a further step in the process of creating quality, monitoring and improvements at LF, for the benefit of employees and the service offered to all customers.

For further information email info@lfspareparts.co.uk or visit www.lfspareparts724.co.uk.

Adande Refrigeration at Casual Dining 2018

Welcoming in 2018, ceda Silver Partner Adande are delighted to introduce new recruits to their popular Sales Team at the Casual Dining Show held at the Business Design Centre, London 21-22 February 2018.

Introducing Richard Clark (formerly at Frima who joins the team as National Account Manager) and Lloyd Matthews (formerly Roller Grill UK Ltd taking up the role of Regional Sales Manager) and who will be on the Stand M433 at Casual Dining 2018.

With the launch of the Adande Combi Oven Stand now available for both Rear and Side Engine drawers, there’s an opportunity to see the product demonstrated on the stand:

  • The Combi Stand allows the user to load chilled/frozen products from Adande drawer directly on to 1/1 GN cooking pans and place into a 6 Grid combi oven above.
  • When cooking is done, simply remove pans and place on to the telescopic pull-out shelf. Ideal for preparation of products such as cookies, pastries, bread, etc.
  • Adjustable aluminium feet for uneven floor surfaces.

Another product of interest new to the market are the Adande Fryer Stations. Available for the both the Compact and Drawer products for frozen food storage situated right next to the deep fryer:

    • Allows chilled/frozen products to be loaded direct from Adande drawer into baskets prior to loading into
    • fryers.
    • Allows storage of cooked products when they have been taken out of fryer.
    • Drip tray collects cooking fat/liquid drips & is easily removable for cleaning.
    • Drip tray is removable for cleaning.

Those unfamiliar with Adande drawer products are invited to attend and find out more about the range of patented ‘Hold the Cold®’ technology drawers that have made the grade to be listed on the prestigious Topten.eu Best Products of Europe portal for their amazing energy-efficiency.

These selected Adande products carry the prestigious logo:

For Storage Counter Freezers
Adande VCS R2 Drawer Side Engine
Adande VCR R2 Drawer Rear Engine
Adande VCM R2 Matchbox
Adande VLS R2 Shallow Drawer
Adande VCC R2 Compact

Storage Counter Refrigerators
Adande HCS R2 Side Engine A+ Fridge
Adande HCR R2 Rear Engine A+ Fridge
The A+ Fridge is currently the most energy efficient commercial refrigerator in Europe!

Karl Hodgson, Adande’s Sales Director, said “It’s great to be back at Casual Dining and to introduce new people and new products to the Adande mix. We have great products for this market sector and our modular customisation allows for the perfect solution to customer requirements. So allow us to configure the most cost-effective, productive and ergonomic means for your unique operation and benefit more from our ‘Hold the Cold®’ technology with its unique energy saving and remarkable food quality features.”

ceda Silver Partners BOSS Contract Furniture Ltd kit-out Sandbanks Hotel

ceda Silver Partners, BOSS Contract Furniture Ltd, have just completed a full supply of furniture to all public areas at the famous Sandbanks Hotel in Poole, Dorset.

This project included furniture for the hotel's main restaurant, bar, lounges, conservatory, reception and coffee areas.

Tables and chairs were supplied for the restaurant, sofas, tub chairs and coffee tables for the bar and three-seater sofas, lounge chairs and coffee tables for the lounges, conservatory, reception and coffee areas.

All furniture for the project was supplied through a local distributor who also gave BOSS the lead and asked them to be their furniture experts to secure this large furniture project.

We are told that BOSS will be the furniture suppliers for any future requirements for Sandbanks or any of their other group hotels.