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ceda Partners First Choice, Hobart and BRITA Endorse World Quality Day

ceda Partners First Choice, Hobart and BRITA Endorse World Quality Day

Thursday 12th November is the fifth annual World Quality Day and this year, the theme focuses on creating customer value. This is a timely reminder of the importance of truly understanding customers’ needs. At First Choice – working in partnership with BRITA Professional and Hobart Service – we’re committed to working together to meet those needs, not least when it comes to providing good value in the upkeep and maintenance of catering equipment.

Inevitably, 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic has brought increased stress and challenges to our industry with many more worried than ever about the implications of equipment failure. A recent survey by BRITA Professional of professional kitchen workers found 81% have altered their equipment cleaning and inspection regime post-lockdown. One third are also more cautious about costs due to the pandemic and are looking to maintain and mend equipment where possible,

On World Quality Day, we believe prevention of breakdown has never been more important. This approach will save our customers time, money and ensure operational efficiency as well as having an impact on equipment sustainability.

To celebrate World Quality Day, here are our top three tips on how to maintain the quality of your catering equipment.

1) Always use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts

Catering equipment is the lifeblood of any commercial food service operation, so maximising its uptime is crucial to running a profitable business. As such, it’s essential to look beyond price when caring for your equipment and ensure you put quality first by using genuine parts.  The result will be equipment that continues to operate optimally, safeguarding your investment and the people who operate it.
OEM parts also mean you can guarantee high-quality materials and functionality. Such parts keep equipment running exactly as the manufacturer intended, reducing the chances of a failure right in the middle of a busy food service.

2)  Preventative Maintenance is Crucial

It’s essential to carry out preventative maintenance such as descaling, deep cleaning and changing water filters on time as this will undoubtedly help improve the performance and lifespan of equipment. The good news is that recent research has found 20% of professional kitchen outlets have recently introduced preventative maintenance, such as a water filter, to prevent limescale build up and damage. It’s essential though that more of us adopt this approach as without it, catering equipment can operate at an ever-decreasing rate of efficiency.

Even with the highest quality equipment it is completely normal for certain parts to degrade with use. Leaving them unchecked could lead to reduced efficiency, higher running costs and, in the worst case, large and costly, avoidable repairs.

As Steve Buckmaster, BRITA Professional Sales Director explains:

“By implementing measures such as preventative maintenance, financial pressures could be eased. For example, on equipment that uses water, one of the most effective ways to prevent premature breakdowns is by using the correct water filter and exchanging it on time. This can help eliminate damage and inefficiency over time caused by the build-up of limescale.”

3) Protect your Warranty

When you buy quality equipment it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that will help to safeguard you against breakdown but you need to do your part too. First up, ensure that you only use OEM parts as non-OEM parts may invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty meaning the appliance may no longer be covered for future claims. It also means you may not be able to claim back the cost of the part under the warranty as non-OEM parts aren’t covered by the manufacturer.

Preventative maintenance and servicing is also an important piece of the puzzle to ensure you are protecting your warranty and keeping your equipment in the optimum condition possible.

Ultimately Using First Choice Group for your parts and accessories is an extension of the manufacturer’s service and you have access to quality parts from the likes of Hobart and BRITA Professional. This by extension will help to validate claims and reassure you that the supply chain has the manufacturer’s approval.

Customers are at the heart of everything

Embracing quality remains more important than ever as we look to support businesses in light of the pandemic.  First Choice, Hobart Service and BRITA Professional all hold the ISO 9001 certification which demonstrates the standards that organisations must have in place within their quality management system.

As an industry we continue to innovate with technology embracing auto replenishment schemes which use APIs so parts can be automatically re-ordered. On World Quality Day 2020 our customers remain at the heart of everything we do as we strive to support you to maintain quality equipment no matter what.

For more information on our OEM spares supply for BRITA Professional and Hobart visit:

World Quality Day graphic from First Choice Group

ceda Platinum Partner Hobart Service confirms it will maintain and exceed full national service support during lockdown phase two.

ceda Platinum Partner Hobart Service confirms it will maintain and exceed full national service support during lockdown phase two.

The Peterborough-based specialist service maintenance division has previously proven its capability and managed operations successfully during the first lockdown period.

Today it was announced the team will again maintain full national coverage during the next 4 weeks following the announcements made over the weekend of a second lockdown in England.

The decision for the company to maintain full national coverage was made in conjunction and with the full backing of Hobart Service’s parent company, ITW.

Alongside a nationwide team of service technicians who will continue to be on call for catering equipment repairs and planned maintenance checks, Hobart Service also confirmed their parts supply chain is secure with £6m in stock. Planning capabilities are in place and customer service support staff are available to take call and support customers with any issues.

At the start of the first lockdown in March 2020, the business created a dual business support unit to help customers through any changes to their circumstances caused by Covid-19.

This support unit was a demonstration of commitment to maintain UK coverage to all customers requiring our services throughout lockdown. It comprised a UK-wide team of service technicians and sales professionals and enabled key services to have full access to commercial catering equipment, maintenance and spares.

The sectors that will be a priority for the business during the second lockdown are healthcare; defence establishments and the food supply chain customers.

Keith Mackie, Hobart Service MD commented:

“We have exceeded expectations during the first phase of lockdown and showcased our commitment to customers and sectors that have needed us the most. We are more committed than ever to exceeding our SLAs and we are confident our operations in place to achieve this, the team have received many messages of thanks and recognition for their previous support. Our lessons from earlier in the year put us in a good position for the next few weeks and the future.”

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ceda Platinum Partner Hobart promises Fireworks in the first of a series of new inspirational Webinars

ceda Platinum Partner Hobart Promising Fireworks for First in Series of New Inspirational Webinars

Hobart Equipment Division is urging its UK sales partners to sign up for its new series of inspirational webinars, with the very first going live on Thursday 5th November at 11am.

The 45-minute webinars have been specially designed to enrich and not impinge on the working day of the manufacturers’ dealer and consultant partners. Each will be underpinned by a framework that first examines a specific industry challenge or issue, introducing a number of innovations that can meet these head-on, before culminating in an interactive Q&A session.

November’s webinar, hosted by Hobart Product Managers, John Stewart, and Chris Mansell takes the issue of diminishing kitchen space as its first topic.  Those looking to sign up can do so today at:

Tim Bender, Sales Director, Hobart Equipment Division comments:

“If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s the importance of innovative digital platforms like Zoom and Teams to both our personal and working lives. This new digital series takes our informal face to face training sessions – previously one of our most valuable customer resources – and repackages them into an enhanced, bite-sized product, perfect for reaching and inspiring our busy sales partners. Yet another step forward in Hobart’s digital revolution.”

Hobart’s sales partners are urged to sign up today. Simply visit for more information.

ceda Platinum Partner Hobart UK updates its compelling The Complete Package offer

ceda Platinum Partner updates its compelling The Complete Package offer.

Leading commercial catering equipment manufacturer and ceda Platinum Partner Hobart has today updated its compelling The Complete Package offer.  This supports distributors, many of whom are ceda members, by allowing them to offer an expanded selection of Hobart’s most popular items of equipment via a 24 month, interest free loan.

Our ceda members are encouraged to watch this helpful video and to contact their Hobart account manager for further information.

Members can also look at The Complete Package website to view the products available.

smartfoam technology

Crem develops state-of-the-art fully automatic coffee machine with SmartFoam™ technology

Crem develops state-of-the-art fully automatic coffee machine with SmartFoam™ technology

Global catering equipment supplier, Welbilt, has once again led the way with pioneering product development by launching Crem’s state-of-the-art fully-automatic coffee machine range with world-class automatic fresh milk foaming technology, the “Unity 1+”:

Uniting filter- and espresso brewing capabilities with a world-class fresh milk foaming system, the intuitive Crem Unity 1+ is truly one of a kind, allowing operators to create consistently amazing barista-quality coffees, which can be tailored to the individual preferences of customers, by the touch of a high definition screen.

Speaking of this highly anticipated launch, Anders Bäckström, Field Marketing Manager for Crem UK & Ireland:

“Crem are thrilled to announce the launch of Unity 1+ – a state-of-the-art fully automatic coffee machine which has specifically been designed to ease barista duties and enhance drinks quality, in every way imaginable. From ensuring optimised water temperatures for teas through to Unity’s one-touch cleaning function and thermos brewing capabilities, this pioneering unit truly ticks all the boxes.

Undoubtedly though, out of a long list of amazing features that the Unity 1+ boasts, the single most desirable feature that truly breaks waves within the hot beverage market is Crem’s automatic fresh milk foaming system – SmartFoam™. This unique system automatically delivers a variety of different milk textures including flat, wet and dry, thus allowing operators to offer an extensive variety of milk-based drinks with ease. As well as this, Unity 1+’s SmartFoam technology allows operators to consistently achieve optimal milk taste, textures and temperatures.”

In addition to being able to automatically heat milk, operators can also keep their fresh milk cool thanks to Unity 1+’s ultra-convenient, built-in refrigerated container with adjustable temperature and holds up to 4 litres of fresh milk. The SmartFoam system also boast an advanced one-touch cleaning technology to ensure that the highest standards of hygiene and functionality.

The inclusion of smart iECO technology is also sure to impress sustainably conscious operators by helping them to save energy whilst Unity 1+’s various design-led features satisfy the gaze of both customers and staff. For further visual appeal, the Unity 1+ also boasts a super sleek silver and black exterior, attractive door lights and a discreet separate hot water outlet.

smartfoam technology

hobart 24 hour delivery

Hobart’s New 24-Hour Delivery Enables Sites to Order and Own a Kitchen in a Day

Hobart’s New 24-Hour Delivery Enables Sites to Order and Own a Kitchen in a Day

Key items from one of Hobart’s most ergonomic, diverse and compact cooking ranges – the modular Hobart 700 series – are now exclusively available on a completely free, 24-hour delivery service, giving professional kitchens even more reason to quickly and easily replace or upgrade their cooking equipment.

Launching this November, for all orders placed before 3pm, the free and speedy service is available on the most popular Hobart 700 lines, including 4 and 6 burner oven ranges and solid top models, electric and gas fryers, electric and gas griddles and modular extras including a 4-plate hob, charcoal grill and pasta cooker.

Manufactured from hard wearing, laser cut stainless steel, the 700 series’ modular units can be installed individually or with other units as part of a suite. With space at a premium in many modern kitchens, this compact workhorse offers a smart solution.

Crucially, the items can be purchased using one of Hobart’s interest-free finance solutions. Because Hobart is the sole lender and not a broker, the manufacturer can approve the application* and deliver, all within the same 24-hour timeframe.

Tim Bender, Sales Director, Hobart Equipment Division, says: “The 700 series is trusted by chefs across hospitality, we selected the most popular products from the line and will be confidently holding them in stock, ready to despatch. This enables us to make good on our promise of a 24-hour turnaround; enabling sites to literally order and own a professional kitchen in a day.”

Hobart UK has now aligned its Warewash and Cooking divisions into one single sales and administration operation known simply as the Hobart Equipment Division.

To learn more, visit: or call 0844 888 7777

hobart 24 hour delivery