New Rational Starter Kits: Best Cooking Results Guaranteed

New Rational Starter Kits: Best Cooking Results Guaranteed

ceda Platinum Partner Rational now makes it even easier for customers to achieve perfect cooking results with their SelfCookingCenter from day one. The market leader for combi-steamers has created two starter kits that include the most important accessories for grilling and the applications in the snack & bake area.

“The starter packages are designed for our customers to immediately have the accessories to hand that are required for their preferred cooking applications,” states Simon Lohse, Managing Director, RATIONAL UK, explaining the focus of the respective packages.

The Grill kit includes the cross and stripe grill grate, grilling and roasting tray, CombiFry and a grid (stainless steel), whilst the Snack & Bake package consists of three unperforated roasting and baking trays, the Multibaker as well as a granite-enameled container. The original 1/1 GN accessories are perfectly tailored to the Rational units to ensure optimum cooking and baking results. Simon Lohse continues, “Just like our combi-steamers, our accessories stand for high quality to support our customers in the best possible way”.

RATIONAL is the leading provider in hot food preparation equipment and with the VarioCookingCenter and the SelfCookingCenter, the company delivers all a commercial kitchen’s thermal cooking requirements. Together, the two appliances offer the best cooking solutions. For information and brochures, or to come to a free demonstration, call +44 (0)1582 480388, freephone 0800 389 2944 or visit

Dad would be proud of Sprint Group

Dad Would Be Proud of Sprint Group

David Ryan grew Sprint Group from a one-man operation to one of the top power players in the catering industry – now run by his sons, Ross and Luke Ryan.

Founded in 1994, Sprint builds and maintains efficient, hard-working commercial kitchens and bars.

In 2019, Sprint celebrate 25 years in business with their silver anniversary featured in The Caterer and the Foodservice Equipment Journal. Following this positive trend, the Sprint team has been named as the 4th top power player by Catering Insight – highlighting their exponential growth over the past few years.

That said, Sprint has remained true to the values and ethos that David set out on day one. For David, the name ‘Sprint’ said it all – the business had to be able to deliver on customers’ needs, quickly.

Things have come a long way since David Ryan borrowed £1,000 to buy his first pallet of bottle coolers in 1994. Back then, Sprint was a one-man operation. Now the Group employs more than 70 staff and turns over £16m.

Today, with 15,000 sq. ft. of warehousing holding over £750,000 of stock, a fleet of trucks and a team of experienced, directly-employed drivers, Sprint is better placed than ever to provide a responsive service. That stock includes a variety of loan units, so Sprint’s customers need never be without business-critical equipment.

Since his passing in May 2017, David’s sons, Ross and Luke, are now at the helm, supported by co-directors Tom Bartley-Smith, Ian Bryant and Tony Dickinson. Ross says:

We’re massively proud of the business Dad built. Sprint has a fantastic reputation for designing, installing and maintaining some of the best kitchens in the industry. Our success is all down to the quality of what we do.

Their dedicated projects team delivers high quality, bespoke turnkey projects, turning vision into reality. Sprint Group work closely with leading manufacturers, offering a 24hr spot replacement service to keep sites operational. The Group’s experienced engineering team is there to support your kitchen with planned and reactive maintenance. It’s why they’re chosen by some of the biggest and best names on the High Street, including The Ivy, Brasserie Blanc and Bill’s.

If you’d like to chat with Sprint Group, please call the team on 01386 555922 or email for more information about how they can design and fit the perfect kitchen or bar for you and your business | Follow them on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.

Summer 2019 Newsletter From Boss Contract Furniture

Summer 2019 Newsletter from Boss Contract Furniture

Dear Friends,

With Summer nearly over and Autumn on its way we are pleased to announce that we have had our best Summer ever with orders from our Distributors reaching an all time high, so thank you to all who supported us, we hope the experience was a good one.

Through you we have Supplied 19 full School Dining Rooms, 9 Ministry of Defence Projects, 2 Premiership Football Club Dining Rooms, Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Haven Hotel in Poole, Outdoor Dining Areas at Astra Zeneca and Queens College in Taunton, 4 Staff Dining Areas, and many more.

All that is now History as we look ahead to the Rest of the Year.

Schools continue to refurbish their dining areas throughout the year, not just Summer, hotels start looking to update their Banquette Furniture ahead of the busy Banquet Season and, dare I say it, Christmas.

Please remember that we at BOSS CONTRACT FURNITURE LTD are here for you so you can add furniture to the list of products you supply to your customers. We will go to meet them, on your behalf and discuss their requirements etc… We will then feed everything back to you to add your margin and send back to them. IT REALLY WORKS. 19 Schools and 9 M.O.D Projects in the Summer alone proves this.

Call Jon on 07834 456812.

Hobart Launches ‘Complete Package’ Sales Solution for Dealers

Hobart Launches ‘Complete Package’ Sales Solution for Dealers

ceda Platinum Partner, Hobart, is set to unveil a dealer exclusive ‘complete package’ sales solution offering a warewasher, delivery, installation and a two-year all-inclusive service plan for less than the published price of a machine on its own.

Helping distributors drive equipment sales into the second half of the business year, the Complete Package offer is available across a selection of the company’s best-selling models on a 24-month interest-free payment plan, allowing end users to spread the cost of ownership and manage cash flow more effectively.

Hobart has created an exclusive online margin calculator, with all relevant information in one place, so dealers can work smarter to build bespoke ‘one stop shop’ quotations, adding in desired discount as required. The package includes class-leading glasswashers, undercounter and hood type models and has been created to offer ultimate simplicity for both dealers and their customers alike.

Crucially, by using a finance plan, dealers can upsell customers to the high spec machine they require, not just the one they think they can afford. As sole lender, Hobart immediately assumes all the risk at the very outset of the deal and approves 99% of all applications, leaving dealers free to chalk up the sale and add it to the bottom line.

Tim Bender, Sales Director, Hobart Equipment Division comments: “We’re in constant dialogue with our distributor partners and when it comes to sales solutions, the call from them is always emphatic, ‘give us simplicity and the right tools to develop new business!’. The Complete Package is a wholly unique proposition that means distributors can quickly and efficiently specify the right package deal for end users, helping them realise their own operational and sustainability ambitions while driving margin.”

Hobart’s Complete Package is exclusive to UK catering equipment distributors. To find out more, visit: today!

Hobart UK has now aligned its Warewash and Cooking divisions into one single sales and administration known simply as the Hobart Equipment Division. To learn more, visit: or call 0844 888 7777.

Heavy Hitting Refrigeration from Liebherr at Host

Heavy Hitting Refrigeration from Liebherr at Host

Heavy Duty and Adaptable

ceda Platinum partner Liebherr’s range of heavy duty, large capacity refrigerators and freezers deliver on food safety, and also have features like door cabinets that can be split and reassembled to enable delivery into tight spaces. The latest stable door models, the GKPV 6577 and GGPV 6577 refrigerator and freezer offer big capacities. They also operate very efficiently in the high ambient temperatures of busy commercial kitchens.

Liebherr GB Ltd will form part of Liebherr’s impressive presence at Host 2019 in Milan, October 18-22 and we would like to invite all ceda members and colleagues who are planning to be there this year to call by and see us. Key launches at Host from Liebherr will include: new Blacksteel models, new counter top freezers, the new Blackline range and the new stable door models; the GKPv 6755 and GGPv 6577.

For further product information and advice contact: 03330 147 888, or visit

Rational Announce New Festive Gift Promotion

Rational Announce New Festive Gift Promotion

ceda Platinum Partner, Rational UK, the leading provider in hot food preparation equipment, have announced the launch of their exciting Festive Gift 2019 promotion. Operators can order a new VarioCookingCenter delivered with all the trimmings; getting them ready in time for the festive season.

Operators taking part in the promotion will receive a Rational Festive Gift promotional package worth up to £2,000. The promotion runs from 1st September through to the 31st December 2019 and is based on the purchase of a new VarioCookingCenter model, best suited to their hot food preparation requirements.

“This fantastic promotion ensures that operators will have everything they need to successfully deliver faster and consistent results throughout one of the busiest times of the catering calendar. End-users taking advantage of the Festive Gift promotion will receive: free installation, accessories, a cleaning kit, plus an exclusive Academy by a Rational Corporate Chef.” comments Adam Knights, Marketing Director, Rational UK.

The VarioCookingCenter provides increased flexibility in the kitchen, whilst saving operators money, time, space and energy. The multifunctional appliance replaces kettles, large pots, bratt pans, fryers and griddles, saving 30%+ kitchen space. It cooks up to four times faster, and saves up to 40% in energy use, compared to conventional appliances.

Operators can find out more about the promotion and terms and conditions by contacting their Rational representative.

Rational is the leading provider in hot food preparation equipment and, with the VarioCookingCenter and the SelfCookingCenter, the company delivers all a commercial kitchen’s thermal cooking requirements. Together, the two appliances offer the best cooking solutions. For information and brochures, or to come to a free VarioCookingCenter or SelfCookingCenter Live demonstration, call +44 (0)1582 480388, freephone 0800 389 2944 or visit

Sprint Group - On the Subject of Recycling and Environmental Management

Sprint Group – On the Subject of Recycling and Environmental Management

It would be easy for Sprint Group to claim the high ground on environmental responsibility.  For years, we’ve been helping reduce waste with our reconditioning and repair service, as well as reclaiming condemned items and, after a thorough going over by our team of engineers, putting them back into service as safe and functional loan equipment.

We’ve also been keeping rubbish out of landfill by taking packaging away from customers’ sites at our own expense and ensuring they go to a local partner where over 96% of all our packaging waste is being recycled.  In 2018, we made our commitment to environmental management official by obtaining ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management certification and we continue to improve our recycling, with our focus this year on getting better results for refrigeration and WEEE items.

But the fact is that, for Sprint, environmental management is driven by three factors.  First, we believe that it’s just good business sense.  Not only does our certification open doors for us, commercially, but it’s only logical to make the most efficient use possible of the resources at hand.  Reducing waste and re-using products safely and appropriately not only saves us money and time, but also makes sure that we can offer our service to our customers at the most competitive prices.

Second, good environmental management communicates something important to our customers about who we are.  Taking away waste, packaging and old parts means that the only thing Sprint leaves in its wake is the best possible kitchen. Our customers want to be cooking great food for their customers, not tidying up mess.  Our environmental management means customers spend more time doing what matters to them.

And third, it makes ethical sense.  Whatever anyone feels about climate change, it’s impossible not to agree that tidy workplaces, clean streets and the most efficient use of our resources is a positive thing.  Everyone would rather see a tree than a landfill.  Sprint’s environmental management plan means less landfill and more trees and it’s really as simple as that.

If you’d like to chat with Sprint Group on the subject of recycling and environmental management, or anything else, please call the team on 01386 555922 or email for more information on how they can design and fit the perfect commercial kitchen for your business.

Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Aqua Cure’s iMeter Further Optimised for Espresso Machines

Aqua Cure’s iMeter Further Optimised for Espresso Machines

After considered consultation with their customers, Aqua Cure have revised their exclusive Bluetooth / WiFi connected flow meter especially with espresso machines in mind.

The new iMeter mini features a high sensitivity turbine (the wheel which measures the literage passing through the meter) which provides more accuracy in speciality coffee applications. This accuracy is crucial when a single shot of espresso measures around 30ml.

The iMeter provides water volume and filter capacity data to users’ smartphones via Bluetooth and can also send data to cloud based software via WiFi using the optional iHub. This allows users to check remaining filter capacity without ever having to visit site – currently a unique proposition.

The iMeter and iHub can be easily retrofitted to existing filter system installations and is suitable for
all major brands.

For more information visit

Hoshizaki Become an Altius Accredited Vendor

Hoshizaki Become an Altius Accredited Vendor

ceda Platinum Partner Hoshizaki UK, manufacturers of the pioneering Gram and Snowflake refrigeration and ice machine ranges, has announced that they have become an Altius accredited vendor.

Altius, experts in supply chain, assurance and compliance, carried out a series of vigorous independent assessments before granting Hoshizaki UK with verified vendor accreditation. This prestigious accreditation recognises Hoshizaki UK to be a competent equipment supplier whom accurately meet stringent health and safety compliances, in addition to various financial and insurance requirements.

Through receiving this accreditation, Hoshizaki UK have once again proven their commitment to their customers, providing them with an official stamp of reassurance for the competency of Hoshizaki products and services as Simon Frost, Director UK & Ireland at Hoshizaki UK comments:

“We are delighted to have received official vendor accreditation from Altius, particularly given our brand mission to satisfy the requirements of professional clients and applications which health and safety is a big part of.”

Simon continues:

“Now when a customer purchases a Hoshizaki refrigeration or ice maker, they can not only guarantee the best quality and efficiency, but they can also rest assure that the very best health and safety standards have been followed.”

For more information on Hoshizaki, please see or call 01322 616 900.

For more information on Altius, please see

New Rational Product Configurator

New Rational Product Configurator

As a solution provider for hot food preparation, the German manufacturer and ceda Platinum Partner Rational has two appliance ranges available on the market; the combi-steamer and the VarioCookingCenter which works with contact heat. An in-depth detailed product advisor is now available on the internet for the multifunctional cooking appliance.

Rational’s primary objective is to find new solutions that benefit customers and improve their day-to-day work in the kitchen. This means that in addition to the cooking appliances being continuously developed, the services associated with the technology are as well. The company’s latest announcement confirms this; so that customers can be advised 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a product configurator for the VarioCookingCenter is now available on

Like a car configurator, it is also now possible to design the cooking appliance according to the customer’s requirements, or to be advised individually with the help of guided questions. “The product configurator should always be used in conjunction with the valuable advice offered by our dealer partners” explains Simon Lohse, Managing Director, Rational UK, “as it provides a good overview of all appliance variants and the performance benefits of the VarioCookingCenter.” The product configurator is now available on the company website under the VarioCookingCenter product section.