ceda Delighted With The Impressive Uptake Of New cedaSAFE Accreditation

ceda Delighted With The Impressive Uptake Of New cedaSAFE Accreditation

ceda are delighted to announce that the uptake of the new cedaSAFE Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme, launched last month, has been hugely impressive.

Sixteen Partners and Members successfully passed the assessment in June and have been issued with their accreditation certificates. These include businesses of all sizes as the scheme is designed to offer a cost effective solution for all companies.

Those companies receiving their accreditation since launch are;

KCM Catering Equipment Ltd
Tailor Made Catering Equipment Services Ltd
Archer Catering Systems Ltd
Apeiron Catering Ltd
YCE Catering Equipment Ltd
AGGORA – Bunzl UK Ltd
CHR Food Service Equipment
Catering Design Group Ltd
Crystaltech Services (UK) Ltd
Whitco Catering and Bakery Equipment Ltd
Marren Microwave Ltd
Hobart UK – ITW Ltd T/A Hobart UK
Barcare Supreme Ltd
Rational UK Ltd
Gastronorth Ltd
C&C Catering Equipment Ltd


Derek Maher, ceda Chairman and Managing Director of Crystaltech Services, which was one of the founder applicants, commented that “The formation of an industry safety accreditation in the form of cedaSAFE will raise the profile and credibility of the Catering Equipment profession and greatly reduce the volume of repetitive and unnecessary paperwork required to assess subcontractors. Manufactures that subcontract their service repairs will have their contractors audited by a competent service provider and ceda members who offer their service to a number of industry members will greatly benefit from having just one accreditation.

If an applicant already has an SSiP accreditation then they only have to complete a few simple questions in order to achieve the certificate at a very competitive £120 per annum. The accreditation has really started to gain momentum from both ceda members and Manufacturers that have signed up.”

Apeiron Catering Ltd’s Steve McEwen, explaining why he applied, stated that “Myself and fellow Director Will Oryino have been looking at different Health & Safety accreditations and decided to apply for cedaSAFE based on the content, requirement and the fact that it was relevant to our industry. With every tender there appears to be a different requirement as to which H&S standard the particular client wishes you to be accredited with.

As an industry body ceda has looked at the requirements for member companies and laid out the specification which made it relevant to us as we solely work in commercial kitchens.

The advantage of having this going forward is that to prospective clients we can prove that we have been externally audited to meet the criteria, we also feel that ceda will continually monitor as legislation changes and update which will be passed onto members to keep their accreditation relevant.

Overall we learned from the process, bolstered our knowledge and gained a worthy accreditation which we can see adds value to our business.”

cedaSAFE was devised after discussions with the Health and Safety Executive, who highlighted the need for a single assessment standard for the foodservice, catering and hospitality industry, in order to reduce the bureaucracy and costs associated with the various pre-qualification assessments on the market.

cedaSAFE is now both the most cost-effective and the most efficient accreditation to achieve, as it requires only the most essential information to be completed. However, it still achieves the same core criteria of other schemes currently available.

Companies can achieve accreditation to promote their business as operating to the highest levels of independently verified Health and Safety standards. They can also assess the suitability of any subcontractors used by insisting that they are ceda SAFE accredited.



We are due to do some installs at nine airports over the next two months.
Do you know if there is a single form you can fill out that covers every airport as it’s becoming a bit of a pain filling out each individual set of Rams.
Heathrow are telling us we need to go to site for a meeting.


  1. Unfortunately, no, each airport will have its own Airport security and they will have to apply to each one, we do work at Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Edinburgh and all are separate to each other.
  2. Annoyingly, there is not a single form – each Airport sets its own standard.
  3. I would think that with such high-profile sites it is pretty certain that RAMS will have to be site-specific.
    A generic single form would not be accepted.
    We have had experience of this with Luton airport both for an installation (airside) and multiple service engineer’s attendances (airside and landside).
    Being called to site to sit through a site contractors Health & Safety brief is quite common – despite the inconvenience it’s rarely avoidable, if requested. In the interests of distributor/contractor relations it is also probably best to comply!
  4. I can confidently say that no, there is no 1 single form you can fill in. It’s all down to the individual site requirements! Painful, I know. The best thing is to get each RAMS done and accepted – I always get them for the remainder of the year I am applying for.
  5. I have had experience at three airports, Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton.
    The last two use a P2W (permit to work) system and you need a separate log into both, Gatwick was the hardest to deal with and on one occasion it took me four weeks to get one permit approved. With both, you had to attend a training course with the relevant FM company to use the system and to understand their expectations on information being provided.
    Heathrow was a nightmare and yes you had to attend site meetings. I had a couple of occasions where we had installs of one appliance in and one out. The client managed to do the donkey work on organising the work and I only had to provide rams.
    On all sites the attending engineers will have to be vetted so that a contractors pass can be issued.
    If the work is considered airside this can take longer for a pass to be issued.
    If they have to take a delivery vehicle airside, more hoops to jump through.
    One last thing, if the installs are into what is considered a construction site then CDM Regulations 2015 will apply, good luck with adhering to those.
    Not sure that helps but airports are difficult ones until you get in the door, then it’s easy.
  6. RAMS need to be site specific, your method statement might be generic across the scope of works that you will undertake on each site, but the access route, working conditions in each different environment will be different thus the hazards/ risk and how you intend to deal with them will be site specific and different on each instance.
    I certainly expect that Heathrow would need a site visit as it’s a high security environment,
    and with enormous implications if an incident occurs for both its operation and the public.
  7. Each airport has its own requirements and there is no shortcut/easy solution.
  8. There isn’t any one form as airports are owned by different companies.  It is correct that you have to jump through hoops to get access. This is by no means an easy achievement.  We currently do work for Edinburgh, Glasgow, Heathrow and Gatwick and it is best that you first contact the Customer Support Centre at csc@gatwickairport.com
    I have telephoned them and they have said if you email them they will give instructions, however , they can only advise on the airports that are owned by the same company.
  9. I would strongly advise that the CEDA member embraces the opportunity to visit site as RAMS must capture site specific access constraints. If an accident occurred to an engineer or member of the public and an agreed delivery route / method of delivery hadn’t been identified the CEDA member would be exposed. Generic RAMS should never be accepted. Whilst the additional expense and time of the meeting may want to be avoided it will likely offer the member a solution to devising the most efficient, safe and approved method of getting goods to their final destination.

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The Proof Is In The Proofing: Hoshizaki Expand Their Baker Portfolio With The State-Of-The-Art Baker GA 950

The Proof Is In The Proofing: Hoshizaki Expand Their Baker Portfolio With The State-Of-The-Art Baker GA 950

ceda Platinum Partner, refrigeration giants Hoshizaki, unveil the latest edition to their bakery specific range, the GA
950: a top-of-the-range 3-in-1 refrigerator/freezer/prover.

Designed to help bakers keep their cool, the GA 950 boasts pioneering baking specific
technology and individual program settings, the most desirable of which being the GA 950’s
proofing profile. Not only does this innovative profile allow bakers to achieve a perfect
dough rise, but this profile can be set to prove outside of a bakers’ working hours, thus
eradicating the conventional need for staff to return to the bakery in the early hours of the
morning in order to check the dough.

Going the extra mile to ensure easy baking process, the GA 950 also features an intuitive 7-
inch touch display, as Roz Scourfield, National Sales Manager at Hoshizaki UK, goes on to

“The GA 950’s display screen eases baking process by providing bakers with a
clear overview of the current process status at all times. In addition to this, the
operator is able to choose between 8 pre-set standard programs for an
exceptionally easy start-up. For further baking flexibility, bakers can even make
their own profiles, tailoring the GA 950’s settings according to their menus and
bakery offering.”

Temperature, humidity and time settings can also be made thank to the GA 950’s
technology being backed by a powerful steam generator – a unique combination which
automatically takes the dough through all processes, no matter if its frozen or chilled, being
proved or retarded. An air circulation system also provides indirect cooling and
temperature stability in order to best protect bakery products, preventing issues such as
skin-forming and drying-out of products.

Based on award winning design principles, the GA 950 is complete with a right hand hinged
reversible door with lock, automatic door closing, pedal door opener, LED lighting and 25
sets of adjustable trayslides (400mm x 600mm and 600mm x 800mm).
The new GA 950 comes with a comprehensive three-year part and labour warranty as

The price for the Baker GA 950 range starts from £10730+VAT (HC model). For
more information on the Baker range, or to find out about the other appliances in
the Hoshizaki portfolio, please see www.hoshizaki-europe.com or call 01322 616 900.

Hoshizaki goes sub-zero in new blast chilling and freezing launch

Hoshizaki goes sub-zero in new blast chilling and freezing launch

ceda Platinum Partner Hoshizaki, the world’s leading refrigeration and ice machine manufacturer, has announced the expansion of its popular Snowflake portfolio, with an innovative 2-in-1 blast chiller and freezer range.

Engineered to perform in the most demanding of environments, the new units are capable of quickly and efficiently blast chilling and freezing cooked foods, all in one unit, without affecting the taste or texture. This is achieved thanks to protective hard and soft cycles which switch from a chilling/freezing mode, to a storage mode, via an advanced automatic timer. Available in a variety of sizes, the Snowflake Blast Chiller and Freezer series is designed to meet the fundamental requirements of cook-chill/freeze  operations through durable materials, sturdy design, perfect performance and instant convenience.

Made from the highest quality, non-corrosive stainless steel, the new Blast Chiller/Freezer units not only provide outstanding reliability, but are also exceptionally easy to clean thanks to their ergonomic design. Smooth surfaces, rounded internal corners, removable shelves and an easily accessible fan and evaporator add to the exceptional ease of maintenance of these units.

For kitchens lacking in space yet looking for a unit that has substantial blast chilling/freezing capacity within a single unit, then the deceivingly generous undercounter SBU 20 HL boasts a 20kg chilling capacity, 12kg freezing capacity and 5 rack positions. The largest unit within the four-wide Snowflake Blast range is the SBU 40 HT which boasts an impressive 42kg chilling capacity, 25kg freezing capacity in addition to 10 rack positions.

The new Snowflake Blast Chillers/Freezers also feature incredibly fast chill/freeze times making the units exceptionally well-suited to fast-paced catering facilities as Roz Scourfield, National Sales Manager at Hoshizaki UK, delights:

“The Hoshizaki Snowflake 2-in-1Blast Chiller/Freezer range features some of the quickest and safest blast chilling/freezing times available on the market. To put this statement into perspective, operators of the SBU 40 HT can chill foods from as high as +90°c down to just +3°c in just 90 minutes, complying with the best practice guidance set by the Food Standards Authority. Fast forward a further 150 minutes, and an item can be frozen to a temperature as low as -18 °. The new Blast Chiller/Freezer range is yet another example of Hoshizaki’s commitment to offering operators exceptionally convenient, efficient and innovative catering solutions.”

The new Snowflake Blast Chiller/Freezer range comes with a comprehensive two-year part and labour warranty as standard.

The price for the Snowflake Blast Chiller/Freezer range starts from £3510+VAT.

For more information on the Snowflake Blast Chiller/Freezer range, or to find out about the other appliances in the Hoshizaki portfolio, please see http://www.hoshizaki-europe.com or call 01322 616 900.

Lyon takes pride in joining commercial catering firm Sprint Group

Lyon takes pride in joining commercial catering firm Sprint Group

Worcestershire-based commercial catering firm Sprint Group, which celebrates its 25th year in business, is expanding its sales team to meet demand. Ex head chef and AA Rosette winner Martin Lyon joins the Sprint team as their Sales Manager based in East Anglia.

Martin has an impressive CV, with head chef at The Dorchester under Anton Mosimann, The Grosvenor and Prue Leith, amongst his accolades, so is well-placed to support the needs of Sprint’s client-base. Martin was also the youngest chef in the UK to win the coveted AA Rosette whilst at Lewtrenchard Manor in 1987.

Having hung up his chef whites, Martin has enjoyed a career in catering design at Rational, Garner’s, KCM, Airedale and most recently Lockharts, with redundancy – due to the Lockharts and Aggora merger – leading him to join the team at Sprint.

Martin said: “I remember the days when I worked in the kitchens with extremely hot, inefficient appliances and conditions, now you can achieve a really comfortable working environment and I look forward to bringing my experience to Sprint and the team to achieve this for our clients.”

Sprint Group are currently celebrating 25 years of trading and are expanding their operations to ensure they forge their way as the future innovators and industry leaders in the design and installation of commercial kitchens and bars. The team continue to recruit and retain the best in the business to support their growth into the next quarter century.

Sprint Group have enjoyed exponential growth in the past few years and continue to expand their sales and service teams to meet and exceed the expectations of their clients which include an impressive list of well-known brands like The Ivy Collection and Brasserie Blanc.

Martin continues: “I will focus on food development and design as well as energy efficiency in kitchens – a growing trend in the industry in which Sprint aims to excel.”

Sales Director, Ian Bryant, agrees:

“I totally agree with Martin, energy and sustainability are becoming more and more important and need to be embraced. We welcome Martin’s depth of experience not only with his catering equipment knowledge but also having spent so much time as a chef his understanding what a good kitchen needs to deliver under pressure.”

Call the team on 01386 555922 or email sales@sprint-group.co.uk today for more information on how they can design and fit the perfect commercial kitchen for your business. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.



ceda Platinum Partner Hoshizaki has issued guidance on the upcoming legislative changes, which Simon Frost, Director UK & Ireland, describes as the “the largest change in living memory within the commercial refrigeration sector.”

The majority of upcoming legislative changes within the commercial refrigeration centre around sustainability, protecting our environment and minimising global warming impact. For example, from 2020, refrigeration manufacturers will be prohibited from using refrigerants with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) factor exceeding 2500, as Simon elaborates:

“To put this change into perspective, many refrigeration and freezing installations currently use refrigerant R404 – which has a GWP factor of 3200 – making it well above the new limit.”

As a company that has, and continues to put sustainability first, Hoshizaki has been an early adopter of sustainable refrigeration solution, such as natural refrigerants, as Simon explains:

“As global leaders in commercial refrigeration and ice making equipment, Hoshizaki understands the importance of offering the greenest solutions at a competitive price. This is why we took the decision to begin phasing out Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) units in January 2019, replacing them with significantly greener, Hydrocarbon (HC) models. These will be sold at a lower purchase price than the remaining HFC appliances in order to encourage operators to make the switch ahead of legislative changes in 2020.”

A change that is being implemented much sooner than 2020, which both manufacturers and operators must be aware of, is amendments to Energy Labelling. From July 2019, energy labels will be changing from the current ‘A+++ to F’ categorisation, to ‘A+++ – E’, in order to further push manufacturers and operators towards a more sustainable refrigeration future.

‘A+++’ represents the most efficient unit, ‘E’, the least. These ratings take into account factors such as energy consumption, storage volume, and whether or not the appliance has a freezer compartment etc.

Whilst these changes are important when making a purchase decision, Simon also advises that operators take into account the unit’s climate class:

“Climate class readings detail the conditions by which an appliance has been tested, with climate class 1 being the lowest and climate class 5 being the highest. In order to run efficiently in a hot and humid professional kitchen, operators should be looking at a minimum of climate class 4 tested appliances (30°c ambient temperature and 55% relative humidity) or ideally the top-level climate class 5 (40°c ambient temperature and 40% relative humidity). This indicates that in a virtually tropical environment of a busy kitchen, units will still operate efficiently.”

All Hoshizaki appliances are tested to climate class 4 or 5 meaning an operator can be confident that their refrigerator or ice machine will be able to withstand the demands of a commercial kitchen in an exceptionally energy efficient way.

For more information on Hoshizaki, please see www.hoshizaki-europe.com or call 01322 616 900.

Rational operators promotion closing date extended

Rational operators promotion closing date extended

ceda Platinum Partner Rational UK are extending their Don’t Worry! Help is on the Way promotion. Recognising environmental concerns, the promotion that invites operators to invest in the future, is being extended by an additional two months.  

By replacing traditional catering equipment and investing in their future with a new multifunctional VarioCookingCenter 211 or 311 model by 31st August 2019, Rational will pay for the operator’s installation, plus give them £1,000 for their unwanted equipment that will be collected and recycled responsibly. 

By taking part in the promotion, launched in April, operators can now stop worrying about the cost of replacing large and inefficient kitchen appliances. The functions of traditional bratt pans, boiling kettles, fryers, boilers or griddles have evolved into the Rational VarioCookingCenter, providing increased flexibility in the kitchen, whilst saving operators money, time, space and energy. 

“This end-user promotion designed to support operators in their decision making process when purchasing thermal cooking equipment. We are focusing on recycling, by helping to remove old outdated equipment and replacing it with future technology, the VarioCookingCenter” comments
Adam Knights, Marketing Director, Rational UK. 

He continues “By extending the promotion, it means that even more operators will have the opportunity to take advantage of having their outdated equipment removed from their premises and replaced with a maximum energy efficiency multifunctional appliance, saving them electricity costs every day.” 

Operators wanting to save the planet as well as the pounds can find out more about the promotion and terms and conditions by contacting their Rational representative.

Rational is the leading provider in hot food preparation equipment and, with the VarioCookingCenter and the SelfCookingCenter, the company delivers all a commercial kitchen’s thermal cooking requirements. Together, the two appliances offer the best cooking solutions. For information and brochures, or to come to a free VarioCookingCenter or SelfCookingCenter Live demonstration, 

call +44 (0)1582 480388, freephone 0800 389 2944 or visit www.rational-online.com

Meiko Spotlight on Glasswashing

Meiko Spotlight on Glasswashing

Meiko are committed to providing useful information to you and your customers, please see their new online Magazine https://www.meiko-uk.co.uk/en/news-press/magazine/.

Feel free to share the attached Glasswashing Tips with your customers. If you would like us to personalise the newsletter with your logo and address, please email mroberts@meiko-uk.co.uk

Use this link to download the newsletter Meiko Spotlight on Glasswashing

Marco MIX T8

Marco MIX T8

An award-winning innovation in water boilers the Marco MIX T8 is 70% more energy-efficient than leading competitors. With a minimal countertop footprint, built-in filter and precise temperature control, the MIX T8 is the ideal water boiler for foodservice locations.

Special Price: £311

Contact: tracey.jackson@marco.ie

Are you in the ceda Gallery?

Are you in the ceda Gallery?

ceda’s project gallery is our showcase for the industry. Are you in it? We are adding the projects from this year’s awards but any member can put forward their own scheme for inclusion.

There are a couple of rules (of course). Firstly you must have the client’s permission to use them as a case study and you must have the rights to use the photos. Secondly the project and images need to be great quality. We want to show off your work but are doing our best to keep the gallery quality at it’s highest.

Guidelines for Submissions

  • 6 high quality landscape images of the project, crop ratio is 3:2 so ideally in this format.
  • Project title and 100 to 150 words highlighting key elements.
  • Copyright permission for ceda to repeat the images on our website.
  • Submit your project at https://ceda.co.uk/gallery-entry-submission/