BGL Rieber: Focus on... serving fresh meals, anywhere

BGL Rieber: Focus on… serving fresh meals, anywhere

With the advent of Social Distancing, how we serve food to customers is changing.

We need to be able to serve food anywhere, freshly made and enjoyable.

This has thrown up a huge number of challenges for caterers, especially in terms of catering equipment.

But a solution has been with ceda Silver Partner BGL Rieber for years…

Find out about our range of products designed specifically for mobile cooking and which are perfect for the way we need to provide fresh cooked food in the future.

The Charvet Team is in Fighting Spirit and Ready to Help You

The Charvet Team is in Fighting Spirit and Ready to Help You

There is no doubting the last few weeks have been a roller coaster of enormous ups and downs.

We have all had to change and adapt, and for the months to come there will be no let up to this, as we learn how to survive in this new world.

But survival is in our nature and our ability to adapt is incredible. Already we have seen many in the hospitality evolve what they do, with unbelievable imagination and creativity.

Read Charvet’s latest newsletter to find out how they can help you help your customers.

Watercare Proudly Introduce the New iX Water Range

Watercare Proudly Introduce the New iX Water Range

The iX Water ecofilter from ceda Silver Partner European WaterCare Ltd, is the first truly eco-friendly, 100% recyclable cartridge filter made in Britain, offering Insert Refill Technology to provide a genuinely sustainable and cost-effective alternative to mainstream cartridge filters already in the marketplace. For use on coffee machines, water coolers, ice machines, vending machines, and catering applications. The iX range offers a comprehensive product in a cost effective, efficient, flexible, and stylish package.

WaterCare are extremely aware of the negative impact that waste plastic has on the environment, WaterCare have created a product and program designed to not only reduce your costs significantly, but also recycle 100% of the expired media inserts and return these back into the marketplace – keeping costs & waste down, whilst creating measurable control.

Their Media Insert Technology allows them to recycle all the plastics returned to them at their recycling facility in Harlow, Essex. In addition, WaterCare regenerate the resin (media) inside their refills and re-use it in their replacements. This allows them to keep your costs to a minimum whilst providing an ethical service, sensitive to our planet’s delicate eco-system.

WaterCare are passionate about providing cost effective, eco-friendly solutions to water treatment. Their NEW, improved iX range of water filters, along with our Replace & Return Program provide an easy, responsible, and cost-effective alternative to current one-way systems.

Discover the full iX Water range at

Williams Refrigeration: WTBC70 Roll In Blast Chiller

Williams Refrigeration: WTBC70 Roll In Blast Chiller

Flexibility is key

Complementing the existing Williams Blast Chiller range of products, this new model delivers flexibility through its design by accepting two types of combi oven trolley.

The WTBC70 accepts either Rational 201 or Lainox GN1/1 combi oven trolleys, as used in standard 20 grid models.


Blast chill up to 70kg in a single batch, from +90℃ to +3℃ in just 90 minutes.

The WTBC70’s clever AirSmart airflow system chills from two different directions. Powerful, energy efficient fans help to ensure the air flows evenly and gently over all the products throughout the chamber.

Its Easy Blast control panel is designed to make programming and operation simple and offers a choice of either hard chill for dense foods, or a soft chill for delicate foods.


Built using foodsafe professional stainless steel throughout the WTBC70 can cope with ambients as high as 43℃ ‐ making it ideal for busy commercial kitchens.

Read more about the WTBC70 here.

Reducing the risk of infection: Care home adds HyGenikx to its armoury of protection

Reducing the risk of infection: Care home adds HyGenikx to its armoury of protection

The Manor Residential Home in Nottingham has introduced extra hygiene measures to protect its residents from the spread of infection. This includes the installation of HyGenikx in its kitchen!

HyGenikx, from ceda Platinum Partner, Mechline, is an advanced and compact, wall-mounted air and surface steriliser that quietly goes about its business in foodservice environments – keeping staff, visitors, food and surfaces protected from viruses and bacteria, even in the hardest to reach areas.

MKN wins marketing prize "German Brand Award"

MKN wins marketing prize “German Brand Award”

The German Brand Award is the award for brands and their makers. It honours brand success in a unique manner and with a contact list of more than 315 million names it is the marketing prize with the widest coverage in German speaking countries. ceda Silver Partner MKN has won the award this year for the relaunch of its company website in the category “Brand Communication – Web and Mobile”. The award pays particular tribute to the excellent achievements of the manufacturer of professional cooking technology in market strategy and creation.

About the award, Corinna Düe, Head of Communications at MKN said, “The main aim of our international website relaunch was to make MKN – world of cooking a tangible experience and move our market image into the digital age with a new online presence. We have
certainly done that. We are immensely proud of this achievement and thrilled to receive this award!”

Digital media and communication are of extreme relevance, especially in current times. MKN is therefore continuing along this digital path and focusing particularly on digital marketing activities.

Visit MKN’s award-winning website at

New Price Restructure Makes Hobart Combi Ovens 'The Best Value Machines in the Marketplace'

New Price Restructure Makes Hobart Combi Ovens ‘The Best Value Machines in the Marketplace’

In an unprecedented move, ceda Platinum Partner Hobart has restructured and permanently reduced the prices of its entire range of high-quality combi ovens, giving hard hit operators the keys to the best value-for-money cooking equipment on the market.

The innovative, high performance range includes the Bonnet Equajet, Precijet+, Combi Tower, Minijet, and Hobart branded Chef Mate. With kitchens facing space and resource challenges amid hospitality’s July restart, these multifunctional workhorses offer the perfect,
modern solution. Each line benefits from the 2020 price restructure, a permanent and significant cost reduction, simplifying the specification process for both dealers and end users – especially pertinent considering the market has seen marked price increases from other manufacturers.

Hobart is also making each model available via advantageous 12 and 24-month interest-free payment plans. Because the manufacturer is a lander and not a broker, it is able to guarantee a 99% success rate for applications.

Tim Bender, Sales Director, Hobart Equipment Division says: “This significant price restructure represents just the latest chapter in Hobart’s restart support programme, aimed squarely at helping operators get back to profitability. Our range of combis already have a reputation for being some of the best performing, best built, fastest and most innovative in the market – add in the price reduction, and they now stand, pound for pound, as the best value machines of their type, available anywhere!”

To view the combi range and to find out more about Hobart’s restart support measures, visit today!

Ramco is First Choice for ground-breaking sustainability initiative

Ramco is First Choice for ground-breaking sustainability initiative

In a bid to prevent thousands of surplus catering parts going to waste, ceda Platinum Partner company, First Choice Group has teamed-up with ceda Associates, Ramco Food Services to carry out a pioneering recycling initiative.

Under the agreement, Ramco re-sells surplus stock to ensure new outlets are found for items that would otherwise have been disposed of.

First Choice is the UK’s leading supplier of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) catering equipment spares, accessories and consumables and has master distribution agreements with major catering manufacturers to manage their total parts sales.

With thousands of items in stock, there are inevitably surplus, slow-moving and obsolete parts taking up warehouse space. Traditionally the company sold these items to metal recyclers, but this meant many still-serviceable items were unavailable for secondary markets.

Keen to adopt a more sustainable approach, the company decided to explore ways to responsibly dispose of these items. They chose to partner with Ramco, which specialises in the management of surplus catering equipment, leading to a thriving partnership that has given surplus parts a new lease of life.

As a result of its partnership with Ramco, First Choice has made a successful departure from its previous ‘end of life’ approach to surplus and redundant parts, to make a significant contribution towards reducing its environmental footprint. So far, Ramco has managed to environmentally dispose of or re-sell £234,000 worth of items covering almost 1,200 different product lines.

Julian Fisher, head of marketing at First Choice, said: “Never have sustainability and environmental concerns been more prominent than in today’s business world. We’re pleased to have formed a close working partnership with Ramco. Through the effective reuse and resale of unused materials they have provided us with a safe, sustainable and future-proof solution for the removal of surplus assets.”

First Choice is currently the only parts supplier working with Ramco, and since the partnership began, Ramco has arranged regular collections of a large variety of spares. All items are effectively and efficiently repurposed, reused and resold, with parts finding their way to where they’re most needed – often in developing countries.

Paul Fieldhouse, who leads Ramco Foodservices business development said: “This initiative extends the product lifecycle of resources, ensures that they retain their value and above all, prevents them being unnecessarily scrapped or sent to landfill.”

Combined with a considerable reduction in waste, the business has also been able to minimise its storage and disposal costs, ultimately creating a more eco-friendly, productive and competitive operation.

The new MKN FlexiChef: smart cooking. smart cleaning.

The new MKN FlexiChef: smart cooking. smart cleaning.

High Performance redefined
With the new FlexiChef 2.0, ceda Silver Partner, MKN, presents a new generation of this popular multifunctional appliance. The new FlexiChef has been extensively optimised and is faster than ever in almost every respect. It optimises time, space, efficiency, quality, cost-effectiveness and motivation for chefs in professional kitchens.

A notable highlight is that the FlexiChef remains the only cooking appliance equipped with a skillet pan having its own automatic cleaning system. Besides the regular cleaning cycle at the end of the day, SpaceClean can perform automatic intermediate cleaning which takes two minutes only. This feature is exemplary for important standard requirements in professional kitchens in the future.

The new FlexiChef is not only more efficient and flexible than its predecessor, it is also extremely easy to install. The cutting edge touch screen operating system MagicPilot is so intuitive and dynamic that even untrained chefs don’t have any problems using it. Together
with various support functions and a higher degree of automation, it is part of the new MKN Guided Cooking concept for achieving culinary excellence in every professional kitchen.

SmartBoiling is a new, energy-saving water boiling process, accessed directly as quick start function from the home screen. Standard features such as internet compatibility and Connected Kitchen cater for networking appliances and optimum equipment management. In addition, installation as well as power and water supply lines have been considerably redesigned and simplified.

The FlexiChef 2.0 redefines the high performance of its predecessor as it strives to continue its success story of the past years in the future.

iVario 2-XS. The intelligent space saver by Rational for smaller kitchens

iVario 2-XS. The intelligent space saver by Rational for smaller kitchens

ceda Platinum Partner, Rational, is now revolutionising smaller kitchens with the new iVario 2-XS. The two-pan cooking system, which works with contact heat and takes on routine tasks is extremely productive even in small spaces. The cornerstone is iVarioBoost the first intelligent energy management system, which regulates the heat over the entire surface and has sufficient reserve capacity to sear 4.5kg of casserole meat in 6.5 minutes including the preheating phase. The cooking intelligence iCookingSuite detects the condition and size of the food and regulates the cooking path so that you only need to intervene if the cooking system calls. The iVario 2-XS consists of two pans each with a 2/3 GN base surface and a 17-litre capacity. The unit comes with a full package of accessories, so that excellent results are achieved from the very first minute.

“Boiling, pan-frying and deep-frying on a small surface, powerful, precise and flexible, that was our objective in the development of the iVario 2-XS,” explains Simon Lohse, Managing Director, Rational UK. “For businesses with small kitchens on a limited budget that want to serve high quality results that their customers require, the iVario intelligent technology will provide a solution,” he continues.

The small unit with iVarioBoost heats up to 200° in less than 2 minutes and has enough reserve capacity to sear even larger quantities without the release of liquids. The heat is distributed so evenly and it is regulated so quickly that even delicate foods such as rice pudding do not stick or boil over. iVarioBoost consists of patented ceramic heating elements, which are firmly attached to the scratch-resistant pan base and evenly distributed. This makes the iVario 2-XS 4 times faster and consumes 40% less electricity compared to conventional technology.

The iCookingSuite, which is the cooking intelligence, is responsible for ensuring consistent cooking results. Sensors detect the quantity and condition of the food, and regulate the cooking parameters accordingly so that the desired result can be achieved without the user having to do much. “The iVario Pro eliminates the need for checking and monitoring,” explains Lohse. One example is the AutoLift, the automatic raising and lowering mechanism, which automatically raises and lowers the food from and into the cooking liquid.

To guarantee maximum flexibility on a small surface, the iVario 2-XS has two pans which can be heated differently. The display in the middle of the cooking system is clearly arranged so that the user can view both pans at the same time. In addition to the operating modes for meat, fish, poultry or side dishes, the user can now select cooking methods such as frying pan or deep-fat fryer.

Its ergonomy is also revolutionary. With the corresponding stand, the iVario 2-XS is height- adjustable, the corners are rounded and the pan edge stays cold. Since nothing sticks, it is easy to clean, in approximately two minutes. Various setup variations such as integration in a kitchen line, on the worktop or the stand make the cooking system extremely adaptable.

The iVario 2-XS comes with a full package of accessories including the arm for the automatic raising and lowering function, boiling and deep-frying basket, spatula, pan base grid and sieve.

Anyone who would like to discover more about the new cooking system can now convince themselves of its performance in the online webinar More Tour 2020. Interested parties will soon be able to experience the iVario 2-XS also live at the More Tour 2020, the dates will be available on